Instant driver card & vehicle unit analysis

Key features
  • Robust in removable rubber case
  • Full colour backlit display
  • USB connection and charging
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for remote file transfer
  • Driver card and Vehicle unit analysis

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Product Description

The digifobpro provides fast and efficient vehicle unit and driver card download and simple PC connection enabling data upload using our free digiconnect software.

The new and improved digifobpro has been upgraded with the latest technology to include Bluetooth, built-in WiFi connectivity, faster processing and integrated data analysis.

With our full-colour display, you can easily view your driver card analysis on screen including, latest activity, rest, shift and weekly summary as well as infringements, time overlaps and vehicles used.

You are also able to see the vehicle analysis including; overspeeds, power interruptions, driving without card, VU faults, special conditions, places and calibration data and last download and company locks.

Compatibility with digiblu

Due to the advances in Bluetooth technology the compatibility between the digifobpro and the digiblu is limited to specific product versions.

DFP02 serial numbers starting with 20xxxxxx Classic Only
DFP03 serial numbers starting with 45xxxxxx BLE Only

Compatibility digifobpro v2 (DFP02) digifobpro v3 (DFP03)
digiblu v1 (DB01)
digiblu v2 (DB02)

Product Accessories
digifobpro CAN Kit
Monitor Vehicle's CAN bus
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Bluetooth tachograph download and real-time data.

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Wi-Fi Module

Adds Wi-Fi capability to digifobpro.

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Replacement case for digifobpro.

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