Tachograph download and real-time drivers' hours

Key features
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • Works with Stoneridge, VDO + EFAS Tachographs
  • Powered by the Vehicle Unit (no batteries required)
  • Downloaded files can be sent to digicentral
  • Graphical display of real-time drivers hours


User guide
Product sheet
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Product Description

digiblu plugs into the front of any digital tachograph and utilises Bluetooth to provide a stream of real-time tachograph data to your Android mobile phone or tablet, using one of our Android applications. If the tachograph has VDO Counter, Stoneridge Duo, or intellic iCounter technologies available the statistics provided are 100% accurate.

To start using the digiblu, simply download the free apps from the Google Play Store.

digiDriver provides a real-time data feed which monitors your driver hours and provides visual warnings when you need to take a break.

digiDownload supports download of the Tachograph data when a company card is present.

Will download the driver card and the Tachograph to your mobile device which can then be emailed or automatically uploaded to a participating online provider.

Product Accessories

digivu not included

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