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Our digidownload app, when paired with the digiblu, allows you to download the tachograph data when a company card is present.

The digidownload app transmits the tachograph data via Bluetooth. This provides both the vehicle unit download as well as the driver card that is present at the time of download.

The download settings allow you to send the files to an email address or directly to a digicentral server - this will be something that your analysis provider will be able to give you details for.

You are also able to customise the date range of the vehicle download with the following options:

  • Since last download (as recorded by tachograph)
  • Date range (specify start and end date)
  • Number of days (ie last 90 days)
  • All (all data available on the tachograph)
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See also our digidriver app which provides a real-time data feed to monitor drivers' hours and gives visual warnings when you need to take a break.

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Bluetooth tachograph download and real-time data.

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