Remote download for digital tachographs

Key features
  • Download any EU digital tachograph which supports remote download
  • Remote authentication of Company card
  • Centralised scheduling of downloads
  • Sends data to your analysis provider
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Device configuration via USB

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Installation guide
Preparing Stoneridge tachographs
Cable decision tree

Product Description

The digiDL-B builds on the success of the original digiDL to provide a reliable remote download solution. Our digiCentral server is the backbone of the service and as a product has been adopted by all of the major UK and European Tachograph analysis service providers. You can decide on your download schedule and exactly where your data goes safe in the knowledge that everything is end to end encrypted and GDPR compliant.

The digiDL family is the result of 10 years of development to achieve the optimum remote download service. It is able to completely automate driver card and vehicle unit downloads.

The digiDL-B is approved by all leading tachograph analysis providers so that data can pass directly to your online account for complete automation of the data collection process. When installed in your vehicles you can setup a schedule for download of both the Driver Card and Vehicle Unit.

Product Accessories
Enhanced Tacho Cable

Enhanced loom for connecting to tachograph.

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Power Cable Extension

Extension power cable for remote download devices.

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Download Button

Connects to the AUX serial input port

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Standard Loom

Standard loom for connecting to tachograph.

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Y Cable

Plug used for sharing CAN-C connection to the Tachograph.

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CAN termination plug

Termination plug for CAN-C

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