Wi-Fi based company card host

Key features
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi company card host for remote download
  • Simple and reliable connection to vehicles
  • The digicard-AUT communicates with any digiCentral server
  • Saves you time, money and PC resource

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Product Description

The digicard-AUT has been designed to save you the hassle of having a device constantly connected to a PC. This is a Wi-Fi solution that is setup using the PC and can then be placed as a stand-alone product using a 5-volt power supply.

The digicard-AUT communicates with any digiCentral server and waits for connections from vehicles fitted with the digiDL. The process is simple, fast and reliable.

For resellers, Tachosys always recommends our digicard Hotel which will host 20 company cards through one device. There are however times where it is necessary to host a card within a customer’s environment.