A Year in Review: 2022

By Tachosys / December 2022


As we approach the end of another year, having recently completed our last exhibition and final round of showcases, it seems an appropriate moment to reflect on what for the most-part has been a successful year at Tachosys.

While the admin, support, marketing and development of the business has continued behind the scenes, this has not been an easy year. We continue to confront issues caused both by the global pandemic; component (un)availability and cost increases as well as Brexit; more paperwork and redefining accounting and shipping procedures, oh and more cost increases.

One of the joys of being a close-knit SME is that amidst such challenges we are able to work together to resolve things quickly and efficiently. The amount of product redevelopment, firmware rewriting and fast decision making to adapt to component availability and customer demand has been significant. This has had an impact on our product development cycle and has meant we’ve not been able to focus as much on the future of our products, but crucially, on sustaining the products that are already on the market.


As we continue to secure the supply of our products to meet the demands of our customers, it is credit to the strength and flexibility of our team that we have in fact been able to announce the release of the latest development to our tachograph remote download solution. After 11 years, the digiDL will be replaced by the digiDL-H at the start of 2023; bringing security of supply and an all-round better product. – find out more.

It was this time last year (2021), that we introduced the idea of our ‘Showcase’ events; a day set aside for each of our customers to reconnect ‘post-pandemic’, to share our story, to introduce them to the team, to explore our full product range in a comprehensive and interactive way and to make time to talk about their businesses and how we can best continue to work together. These days have been invaluable to us and equally beneficial to our customers.