digicentral XML server 3.20

digicentral licenced software on your local network

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Product Description

digicentral XML Server was designed for situations where a company is not able to utilise digicentral cloud services or where they are using stand-alone analysis software. The software resides on a company’s own PC or Server and is licensed by use of a USB dongle. The server supports the digipostpro, digiDL, digiDL-E and digiDL-H to provide a central data repository for a local network.

The server provides support for remote tachograph download and detailed download scheduling. There is no support for additional features such as real-time information from the digiDL devices, GPS Tracking or in the case of digipostpro, time and attendance logging. For these higher level services you need to use the cloud version of digicentral available through your Tachosys reseller.

The licence is controlled via a USB software dongle which will provide a defined number of tokens.

Product token values:
1. digiDL, digiDL-E & digiDL-H = 1 token
2. digipostpro = 5 tokens

There are two versions of the licence available; a 50 token version and a 100 token version.

The software automatically calculates and displays the current token usage.

Please contact your Tachosys reseller for pricing.