The first dedicated tachograph card reader

Key features
  • Reads and downloads driver cards
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Can be used to host company cards
  • Supplied with digiConnect - an easy archiving solution
  • Can transfer files directly to digiCentral


User guide
Product sheet

Product Description

When used with digiconnect software, that is supplied free, digicard gives you a simple solution to read and download driver cards. digicard can also be used with digicentral to host company cards for authentication when using remote download.

Remote download is the standard for tachograph download. Tachosys have the digiDL solution which is supported by all the major analysis bureaus who run our digicentral servers, and is standard equipment for Stoneridge.

digicard was designed to provide optimum and reliable connectivity to any digicentral server. This places the company card online for connection by the company's vehicles, unlocking the tachograph for remote download (also termed authentication).

digicard has been engineered to work perfectly on Windows servers. It avoids Windows attempts to access card readers whenever a lock screen is shown or when a remote desktop session is started.