10 Years of digiDL

By Tachosys / October 2021


This year is turning into a year of milestones here at Tachosys. Not only are we celebrating 30 years of Prosys Dev Ltd (our parent company); but we are also celebrating 10 years of the digiDL our trademark remote downloading product.

As a company, we always strive to provide complete solutions. Having been immersed in the tachograph market since 1993, we understand the complexities and intricacies involved in capturing and transferring its data in the most efficient way. Every remote download requires remote authentication which is why we’ve made it a fundamental part of our offering. We have a range of products to meet card hosting requirements, from a stand-alone card reader to our digicard-hotel (which hosts up-to 20 company cards per device). These are designed to place the company card online which unlocks the tachograph within a company’s vehicle making it available for remote download.

Through digicentral we offer complete hardware integration across our entire product range. This dynamic software has been developed in-house to centralise the data gathered from each product, ready to be utilised by our resellers who make it available for analysis, reporting and monitoring of drivers and vehicles. It is hosted by our resellers and gives the flexibility for data residency within specific countries or regions; meaning that you control where the data goes safe in the knowledge that everything is end to end encrypted and GDPR compliant.

The digiDL completely automates both driver card and vehicle unit download providing the most efficient fleet management solution. This data is downloaded from the tachograph, securely stored and then uploaded to your designated server via either 4G, Wi-Fi or LAN connection; all on a schedule defined by you. This data is automatically passed to your analysis provider, giving you everything you need to effectively manage your driver and vehicle compliance.

Within a year of tachograph remote download being introduced (2010), we had developed what has proven to be one of the strongest products on the market. With many original DLs still in use a decade later, its robust design combined with the free feature and firmware updates is what has made it such a success. These updates add value to an already paid-for product increasing its lifespan and saving you money in as little as two years (compared to cheaper products with higher ongoing costs). We also proactively adapt and improve the DL in line with tachograph developments and EU driving legislation, so much so that the transition to Gen2 was seamless for our existing customers.

We know that data has never been more valuable than it is today and so we create products that centralise as much data as possible giving you the most comprehensive view of your fleet. Alongside our standard digiDL, we have also developed a number of product variants (DL-E and DL-EX) that give you telematics, GPS, FMS and more. With these additional capabilities you have the freedom to utilise both digital and analogue inputs with digicentral for completely flexible solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

The digiDL continues to lead the way in remote downloading and with ten years of success; it provides the perfect foundation to build on as we venture into the future of the commercial vehicle industry.

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