Showcase Review

By Tachosys / April 2023


It has been just over a year since we held our first Showcase and having now hosted 14 of our resellers from across the UK and mainland Europe, five of whom have visited within the last month, we are more convinced than ever that meeting face-to-face is the most effective and efficient means of 'doing business'.

While of course ‘face-to-face’ is not always possible and we are grateful for the ever-growing alternatives, we feel that what we’ve accomplished in conversation through these showcases is something that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. Sharing the more intricate and previously unknown features of our products has been a huge benefit to our resellers. Whether its been the internal clock added to our digivu+ driver card reader to time-stamp the driver card at the point of download; or one of the ‘additional features’ on our digifobpro that make it a useful tool not just for driver and vehicle unit download and analysis, but also for troubleshooting, monitoring CAN-Bus information or taking five minutes to defend the planet against an alien invasion.

We’ve structured the day to provide a good understanding of our history, experience within the industry and the way we work. To show our process for the innovation of new products and ideas; from concept, through design, 3D prototyping, electronics, firmware and software development all being managed in-house has opened up conversation throughout these days to new feature ideas and potential future product development.

While each Showcase has been flexible (and in some cases at the mercy of flight cancellations and delays), with varying durations, one thing we’ve prioritised is making time to eat together. We must say a huge thanks to Gill, our resident chef, for providing a great spread for all of our guests (and our team) and ensuring we stay hydrated and caffeinated throughout the day. The ‘down-time’ over lunch gave opportunity for a more relaxed and informal time for conversation, often discussing life outside of work as well as venturing to the table tennis table.

Having left the remainder of the day to follow up on specific questions, topics of discussion and for meetings with specific departments, our afternoons were varied and often went into more depth in key areas of interest and to demo some of the lesser-known features of our digicentral software. No party day would be complete without a physical take-away, so each of our guests got to take their own goody bag home with them.

We’d like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all who visited us and to our team for making these Showcase days such a success.

For more in-person opportunities come and visit us at one of our upcoming exhibitions (see below) or contact us to book in for one of our autumn Showcase days.

CV Show 18-20 April at the NEC Birmingham

ITT Hub 10-11 May at Farnborough International

Road Transport Expo 28-30 June at the NAEC Stoneleigh

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