Showcase 2023

By Tachosys / February 2023


After the success of last year’s Showcase events, preparations are well underway for Showcase 2023. Beginning in March, we look forward to welcoming a number of our resellers travelling to us from England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Hungary and Finland. We are encouraged by the commitment and dedication of those joining us as they take time out of their own schedules to invest in our ongoing relationship.

The Showcase days follow a similar format, although where they end up is very much determined by the conversations that unfold throughout the day. Starting with an introduction to the company; our story and our team, with a tour of the office provides an understanding to the way we work and emphasises our capabilities.

Having met the team and seen the space, its time to settle down for our product showcase. In the next hour or two we take a look at each of our products, explaining their primary functions, exploring the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of each product, getting interactive and talking sales, marketing, support and development opportunities as we go.

We then enjoy a freshly prepared lunch together, allowing conversation to diversify from business to some of the other stuff of life. Getting to know the people that we ‘do business’ with on a more personal level plays a huge part in strengthening our ongoing working relationships.

We will generally have made a list of things to do or discuss for the afternoon throughout our morning together. This gives a chance to follow up on questions, to arrange meetings with specific team members or to discuss project or customer specific requirements. We will also often spend time looking in more detail at specific products or demonstrating some of the more specialised areas of digicentral.

We have structured the day to enable conversation to flow and information to be shared, while remaining flexible to travel arrangements and topics that develop throughout the day.

If you would like to attend one of our Showcase days, we have dates available in October/November 2023.

Send us an email or give us a call to arrange your Showcase day.

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