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digicentral Web or Local

  The centralisation of data from any Tachosys product.  digicentral has revolutionised the ability to send data from depot locations and is core to our Remote Download solution digiDL.  digicentral is supported by the largest analysis providers in Europe.

driver area and HGV Driver Jobs


Are you a Driver or Driver Manager? Visit our Driver Area for more information on products that can help you stay Legal. You can also find the latest HGV Driver Jobs in our Jobs Feed.



Technical Data Sheets

  There is a Technical Datasheet available for each product.  Press the download button or more information to select. 


  • Product Selector

  • Portable Tachograph Download +

    digivuTachograph and Driver card via head
    digivu+Tachograph and Driver Card via its own card reader
    digifobproTachograph and Driver card via its own card reader + hand held analysis
  • Depot Based Products +

    digipostproDepot based terminal for Driver Cards. Comes with digivu (download key) for Vehicle Download and upload.
    digicardPC based card reader designed for Tachograph Driver Cards
    digidockComes with our download tools and provides docking to the PC for instant upload
  • Remote Download Products +

    digiDLRemote Download of the Digital Tachograph and Driver Card. GPRS, WIFI or LAN.
    digiDL-EXMore features including GPS - FMS data and Sensors
    digiCAN and ReceiverAllows you to add tracking to a digiDL device
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