digiCAN can be used as an add on for the digiDL or on its own, as a Bluetooth interface for the Digital Tachograph.

Combining Remote Download and Tracking:

You can maximise your investment and combine Remote Download with tracking using a single SIM card.  All the major Tachograph Analysis Bureau work with Tachosys products and can provide this service. Tracking is real time and the web based interface provides mapping and basic functionality to provide up to the minute detail on vehicle location and history of movement.

Real Time Drivers Hours Information:

The digiCAN provides a real-time feed of mode status from the Secondary CAN-Bus of the Digital Tachograph.  This can be used in conjunction with our own digifob for Android application which provides real time information on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Third party integrators may consider digiCAN for proprietary applications.




digiCAN as an add on to the digiDL

  • Provides an interface for our GPS Mouse, with tracking data passed via digiDL
  • Allows configuration of digiDL via Bluetooth™
  • Provides Tachograph events via Bluetooth™

digiCAN in isolation.

  • A Bluetooth™ to Secondary CAN interface
  • Integrates with our GPS Mouse to provide GPS coordinates via Bluetooth™
  • Real time Tachograph events via Bluetooth™